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White Fillings

When your tooth structure becomes compromised due to growth of cavity, a hole inside it develops and continues to grow until there is no further tooth left. A cavity occurs when bacteria and food remain for long time around the tooth, the acid produced creates the hole. To prevent cavity from becoming bigger, the destroyed tooth along with bacteria need to be cleaned out and that part to be filled back in.

There are two restoring options:

  • Composite (plastic) fillings: This is a white filling with shade matching your own teeth shade, and will be completed in one visit. It is generally used when you have lost 40% or less of tooth structure.
  • Ceramic Inlay (porcelain) fillings: These are also white fillings that match your tooth shade, and they need to be completed in two visits. They are much stronger and durable, and are generally used when 40%-60% of tooth is destroyed by cavity.

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